Email is still the best thing around

‘Killing’ email is the new cool. Every day there’s a new startup declaring that they’re replacing email, or that ‘email is dead’. Asana and Slack have been the most vocal about it lately.

But what is there really to hate with email? It’s a big, decentralised, open platform on which lots of services have been built. It’s a great product weighed down by the use cases its flexibility allows.

Email isn’t dying, it’s being unbundled.

Email used to be your newsfeed – now we have RSS and social media; it used to be your passport / identity – now we have FB connect; it used to be your social communication – now we have WhatsApp, FB messenger and Twitter; it used to be the primary method of work communication – now we have Slack, Trello, Asana and co; and it used to be your versioned controlled clod storage system, now we have Dropbox…

The more we offload onto these new services, the more we reduce the use cases for email, and the better it will perform as a product. At some point, it’s going to stop being a pain point and start being great again.


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