Startup Summit 12 Takeaways

A few quick takeaways from Startup Summit 12, which a few of us hosted in Edinburgh on the 14th November:

‘You don’t have to like your team as long as you respect them.’

‘Building a company that you can sell means internalising all the good things about the people within it – so that the company outlives the founders. Its a constant effort, effectively, to make yourself redundant.’

‘Think long and hard before you get out the bedroom, it’ll be harder, tougher and longer than you think to build a company.’

‘Angels want 3-5 year exits, if you don’t want that as a founder then don’t take angel investment.’

‘People don’t work for money, they turn up for money. People work hard because they feel inspired and they love their job. Money has very little to do with it.’

A BIG thank you to all the speakers who came, couldn’t have happened without you!


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