Paypal’s userbase is just such an advantage…
Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Google had done a good job with Checkout and then acquired Square – what would payments space look like then?


During eBay’s earnings call today, eBay CEO and President John Donahoe said that over 200,000 merchants have signed up for PayPal Here,  the company’s Square-like mobile payments hardware and software platform for small businesses. We haven’t seen any sign-up numbers for the mobile payments service since PayPal revealed it was seeing 1,000 new registrants per hour for the new service.

As you may have heard, PayPal Here offers a triangular add-on that plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone. Merchants can then accept payments by swiping cards with the thumb-sized card reader or can use the smartphone’s camera to scan credit cards (powered by, scan checks, etc. PayPal Here offers a flat rate of 2.7 percent for card swipes.

Donahoe says the reader will launch to the public in the second quarter, and will be available in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia at launch…

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