Why you should be the next Seedcamp Intern

I interned at Seedcamp in May-July of last year.

It was a better experience than I could have imagined, opened up more possibilities than I could have hoped and gave me a better understanding of the European tech scene than (arguably) anything else I could have done. On top of all of this I got to work with some of the coolest, nicest and most interesting people I’ve ever had the chance of meeting.

The Company:

Seedcamp is the leading European tech accelerator programme, and groups together many of the world’s leading VC firms and angels into one of the best seed funds.

For its size and age, the Seedcamp family of companies is jaw-dropping, it’s stuffed full of awesome people doing awesome things.

People like Jeff & Julia at EDITD, Colin at Rentlord, Andrus at Pult, Javier at Socialbro, Mattias at Milk.ly, Justo at 24Symbols, Thomas and Fabien at Archivme, and Tamas at Lookk,…

Reshma, Carlos, Phil and Kirsten were the most wonderful people I could have hoped to have as ‘bosses’. The team complements itself perfectly – they’re all very different and bring something unique to the Company and to your experience there.

The work

Refer to their blog post for the specifics, but generally you can expect the following:

1) Lots of networking with the most interesting start-ups in EMEA. Exchange ideas, socialise and be an active part of the family for as long as you’re with Seedcamp.

2) Event organisation – Seedcamp revolves around its Seedcamp days, and the killr (in every way) Seedcamp Week and US trip. When these events are in local you’ll be right in the middle of them. They’re awesome, trust me.

3) Writing – blogs, newsletters etc. So bring wit and a sharp quill.

4) Hours – start-up hours. Start-ups are like babies, they need lots of love, care and attention, day and night. You will probably never be asked, but there may come a time when you need to work a late night, and it’ll be up to you to step up. Remember this is your baby too. Don’t like it then go work for a consultancy, but you will – you’ll love Seedcamp.

What you get out of it:

1) Contacts

Seedcamp has the most diverse, interesting and friendly network you will ever come across. Put some effort into meeting them, they’re wonderful.

2) Skills

You’re coming in at the growth stage. Seedcamp will be fine tuning its value proposition, working out how to scale something that depends largely on personal relationships, and starting new initiatives (ie the recent Seedhacks). This is the most interesting time you could hope for. Learn from the chaos.

Experience is skill.

3) Knowledge

a) How funding works. How to get it. How to go about accepting it and how to structure it.

b) How the European tech scene works. What and who makes the world go round. Where to find the best programmers (#EstonianMafia), the hottest start-up ecosystems, the best blogs and the coolest hipsters.

The list goes on, but lets keep things simple:

If this sounds like perfection to you;

If the word ‘start-up’ sounds like ‘Mecca’;

(If the thought of a Deloitte’s graduate scheme makes you want to cry;)

And if you’re prepared to work hard for an incredibly rewarding experience;

Apply now.

PS – A tip – Brownie points may be awarded for reading up on certain cycling blogs, and also your choice of trainers worn to the interview.

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3 thoughts on “Why you should be the next Seedcamp Intern

    1. Hey Alex, glad to hear it, i’m sitting my finals at the moment so don’t have a second to spare – so sorry. think the post conveys everything i could think of though. Good lucK!

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