Coordination is replacing planning

A few days ago, after five change-of-plan texts in an hour i started envying my parents – imagine how much simpler life would be without mobiles – you schedule a date, time and place, entire days in advance, and everyone sticks to it because it is difficult or impossible to change.

Mobile phones, shared calendars, emails and all the other ways of communicating are helping us to coordinate, in real time, our commitments. We no longer plan ahead, we coordinate the alignment between the slots of free time of each party.
Socially we are much less likely to have a fixed plan for a future date around which we organise other plans as the date draws closer. instead we set vague plans for the future that crystallise as we get closer to the date, adapting time, place, activity or even participants according to the best compromise between agendas.

I don’t see why we wouldn’t be heading that way in business as well. It’s much easier to delay a Skype call last minute than keep someone waiting in the lobby.

is this a good thing? It allows us to be more efficient, to have less ‘downtime’ and to fit more into each day. But i wonder if past a certain point ‘efficiency’ comes at the cost of productivity?

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